Independent airport design and planning advice

ADC is a business established by Richard Chapman. As an independent airport design consultant, Richard offers his expertise and experience in airport development advice, including passenger terminal      development and design, airport master planning and airport facility design.

Airport operators, engineering consultants, architects and project managers are his principle clients.


Delivering high quality expertise to each project consistent with Client expectations 

Apply high level strategic thinking to develop a master plan/concept design and planning strategy for terminals, airside planning and commercial development

Integrating  industry knowledge, current trends, creative functional design and international experience for developing a strategy for moving forward; in short project definition

Being able to communicate with airport operational management /stakeholders and develop a brief/program from, in many cases, basic information

Leading an “in house” team in the Client organisation 

Managing the project scope, documentation, work streams and client interface

Generate enthusiasm and lead a project team

Focus resources and skills to return a profitable project

Experience and expertise

Richard has gained his experience over a period of 20 years as VP of Transportation in HOK, Aviation Director in Ruddle Wilkinson, Woods Bagot and Chapman Cole Partnership. The projects in which Richard has taken a leading consultant role, range from the briefing and design of small terminals and airport master plans for airports in the UK, to the briefing and development of major passenger terminal programs and concept design for new international terminals (20-40mppa), such as Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

My value

Because I have a significant depth of experience I do not have to re-invent the wheel for each project. I am able to optimise and arrive at a solution or series of options quickly. My thinking and approach is focused and this means minimising my time and your costs. I offer a high level of expertise, but without big overheads.    

Richard’s core philosophy is to listen and learn from Clients and Stakeholders to understand their needs and aspirations and interpret them with one objective in mind; create optimum value.